What You Need to Know About Eye Injury

Eye Injury: Introduction

Eye injury refers to the injury caused to the eye from a direct blow. The injury can impact not just the eye itself, but also the surrounding tissue and even bone structure. Any eye injury should always be given immediate medical attention, even if the injury seems minor. When the injury affects the retina, a loss of vision could be imminent. This could be life threatening and the loss of vision should not be underestimated.

If you suspect that you or a family member has been accidentally injured by an  object, you should take the necessary steps to ensure that the matter is properly taken care of as soon as possible. First aid for eye trauma is generally provided by general practitioners and optometrists. However, it is also possible to learn the basics of first aid for eye trauma on the Internet. You should therefore check out websites of hospitals where emergency first aid kits are available.

One way to ensure that your eyes are kept safe during an eye injury is to follow  instructions given by your doctor. For instance, if the injury is caused because of glass breaking, your doctor may advise you to wear protective glasses and appropriate eye protection while cleaning the wound. In some other instances, you will have to make sure that you remove any foreign objects from your eyes and flush them down the toilet. These basic instructions are meant to ensure your safety and hence should not be ignored.

Emergency situations are very common in central California. If you feel that you have been hurt by something in central California, whether accidentally or deliberately, you should contact the authorities right away. The most common injuries  that people suffer from while in the custody of the police include facial lacerations and cuts. Many people who suffer from serious eye injury also lose their vision. Such accidents need to be reported to the Police Department right away.

A trauma team consisting of an eye doctor, a pediatric nurse specialist, an  emergency medical technician, and a surgeon should be immediately called to any reported accident. If you do not get immediate medical attention, the condition could worsen. Therefore, it is advisable to contact emergency care at the earliest possible time.

Several symptoms can occur in patients with minor eye injury. Some of these  symptoms include pain and discomfort in the eye area, blurred vision, and difficulty seeing lights. People with minor eye injury may also find it difficult to read or recognize nearby people. This can be illustrated by the following example. If a passerby stops to help a blind person crossing the street, that person might trip over his own foot which will then cause him to lose some of his sensation in the eyes. Such a person might then have trouble seeing nearby people.

Patients suffering from one eye injury will generally experience problems with one or both eyes, while more serious symptoms might affect only one eye. In these cases, one eye might appear normal but in reality one eye is seriously injured while the other eye looks normal.

The symptoms are serious when they occur at an early age. Children are at higher risk of having eye injury because their eyes are relatively less protected. As  children grow up, their vision tends to get better so that they will eventually require medical help. However, one eye injury does not necessarily mean that the child will get medical help right away. It is still very important for parents to take their children to the doctor to get medical help right away if they experience the following common symptoms: blurred vision, difficulty seeing lights or shapes, double vision, or trouble seeing halos around lights.


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