The Importance of Your Nose in Your Life

Introduction: Importance of Your Nose

The nose is basically made up of two halves, a single lobe in the middle and two lobes on each side. The septum is the middle portion of the nose, which sits above the nose tip. The nostrils are at the bottom. The nose is divided into two lobes by the septum – the upp er one is known as the concave side and the lower one is called the convex. The septum varies in shape, size and height.

The nose is connected to the rest of the body through the breathing passageways. When we exhale air from our lungs, it pushes the nose upwards while blowing out air from the mouth. Air enters the nose by two tiny holes known as the nasal passages. These passageways allow air to travel in and out of the nose tip.  In order for the respiratory system to function properly, all air and mucus must be able to travel through these passageways without obstruction.

The sense of smell is primarily located inside the nose. When we smell  something odorous our nose reacts and this sends signals to the brain where it gives a conditioned response (a response that is specific to that particular smell). Most people have at least one set of smell related nerves (amines) that are located between the back of the tongue and the inner ear. These nerves are responsible for the taste, smell and sensation of taste. The nerves of the olfactory system are on the top of the head over the eyes.

The nose has three different types of structures: The nose, the olfactory bulb or  the uvula, and the maxillary sinuses. The nose is made of the bony components known as the nose bone and the cartilage that support the tissues. The uvula is a small bag-like structure that protects the nose from infection and provides support for the two cavities of the nose, the olfactory and the respiratory tract. Together, all of these components make up the human nose and form the basic structure of the nose..

All of these structures work together to produce the wonderful aroma that we  know as “odor”. Smell is a way that our body creates chemicals that tell our nose that a certain substance is out there. We also have a sense of taste in our mouth that helps us distinguish between sweet and bitter tastes. All of these wonderful nose structures play an important role in our sense of smell.

The nose has several receptors that are linked with the different odorants that  we actually smell. The nose has both olfactory and sensory cells that receive inputs from the nose into the olfactory system and the sensory cells that are located in the middle ear that is responsible for receiving signals from the olfactory system and sending impulses to the brain that tell it what the smell is. Once the brain receives the signal, it processes it and then sends a signal to the nervous system to allow the secretion of chemicals such as a chemical called pheromone to let the individual know that they have received a proper stimulus through the nose.

When you get the idea that the nose is so important in our overall health, you  might imagine that it is a very big deal that has to be dealt with properly. However, the function of the nose is such that the nose is actually one of the very first organs to be affected when someone has a cold or a virus. This is because the mucous membrane that lines the nasal cavities can become inflamed and cause the lining of the nose to swell up and puff out if not treated properly. This puffing of the mucous membrane often results in a discharge of mucous and is often referred to as a postnasal drip. Many individuals have found that the best way to treat this type of drip is to simply clean the nose and blow their nose several times a day.

As you can see, the nose plays a big role in the way that people perceive the  world and their bodies. Dr. Benninger says that by improving the appearance of the nose through surgeries, you will be able to improve the quality of life and therefore overall health. He also says that by improving the function of your nose, you will be able to feel better about yourself.

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