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The new version of Norton Mobi le Security is a $30 annual subscription that covers up to 10 iOS and Android devices. It would be cheaper to simply purchase the Mobile Security license directly and upgrade to the Deluxe plan, but you would get a license to use it on any mobile device. The new Android app scanning feature of the new Norton Mobile Security is the same as the one announced on Wednesday for iOS / Android device, and it’s available free of charge. When a NortonMobile Security user downloads an app that is scanned and logged by Norton’s Mobile Insight database, the database sends back information about the security and privacy risks of that app.
We recommend McAfee Mobile Security, which makes its mobile app scanning feature available for free on iOS and Android devices, and recommend it for all mobile devices.

As malware increasingly targets Android, Norton Mobile Security protects you, but to protect yourself, you must always be aware of threats to your mobile device, such as malicious apps, phishing sites and thieves. Norton Security Antivirus provides complete protection for your Android device from any threat, whether it is a malicious application, a phishing site or a thief. This antivirus offers full protection against malware, viruses, worms and other malicious software. VPN turns on automatically on your PC, and with Norton Security Premium ($3.00) you have access to all of Norton’s advanced security features and the latest security updates.
You can purchase a single subscription to Norton Mobile Security or see the benefits of multiple smartphones and tablets. Norton Security Deluxe protects users who want to protect more devices such as tablets, smartphones and tablets with the latest security updates, as well as other mobile devices such as tablets.
The final screenshot shows the six sections that Norton Mobile Security has to offer, and it contains the top rated Norton protection solutions for smartphones and tablets.
These tools help keep users safe when it comes to using their mobile devices, making Norton Mobile Security powerful for both mobile and desktop users.
If you use an Android phone, Norton Mobile Security LITE for Android is more than enough, but if you need additional security features, get the full version from Overall, it’s a great app that protects your Android device from malware and At the same time, you can locate it if it is lost. The combination of antivirus and security feature that it has is one of the reasons why you should install it on any Android smartphone. It will also enable consumers to protect their data and be more differentiated in the apps they download.
The Android version of Norton Mobile Security is definitely a far superior one and has many more features compared to the iOS version, something to consider when buying the software. With only these three features, it would be pretty useless in my opinion to buy it for your iPhone or iPad. I can’t give a verdict on the iPhone version, but just try to see if it’s a good offer for you.
BitDefender Mobile Security provides excellent protection for Android devices, with features such as anti-virus, antivirus, firewall and other security features. BitDefenders Mobile Security for both Android and iOS offers users a wide range of protection against malware, viruses, phishing, malware attacks, ransomware and more.
Once you have done so, you will be welcomed to NortonMobile Security by logging into your Norton account and going through the installation process you can see above.
The backup section of Norton Mobile Security is something you definitely don’t expect to see, but you can override it if you wish. When web protection is enabled, it blocks what it considers to be fraudulent websites and known phishing threats. After installation, you will be scanned for potential threats such as viruses, malware and other harmful content. The Norton Mobile Insight database is a unique feature for Norton Mobile Security; many security suites and apps include this feature instead of relying on their own databases. Some competitors, such as McAfee Mobile Security, can scan apps in no time and identify potential risks.

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