How cricket is played ?

How Cricket is Played:-

Cricket is one of the most exciting and popular sports and is played and enjoyed by millions around the world. It is also played in many countries, making it the second most popular sport on the planet after football.

It is also the most popular sport in countries in South Asia, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. More than a hundred cricket-playing nations are recognised by the International Cricket Council (ICC), one of the world’s largest international sports organisations.

Forms of Cricket:-

There are 3 main forms/types of cricket played at international level: Test Match, ODI Cricket and T-20 cricket. Test matches are played over five days, with each team batting for a single inning of 20 overs. 2 innings in a match can be played in per day, with at least 6 hours of cricket played per day. A two-innings match can be played over two days with a maximum of four overs per match or two innings per game if a Test match is played with more than four innings. At the same time, up to three days are played at the end of each day of a three-day series of Test matches, but only for two hours. In international cricket, two overs can be played for three innings on the first day of a match, as long as there are at least three overs per game, in which case a total of five overs per game is possible.

Certain types of cricket games can last up to 5 days and these games are referred to as Test Cricket and are considered the highest form of the game.

Test cricket consists of five days of play, while ODI and Twenty20 consist of a single innings per team and there can be two innings for each team in each match. The way the game is played is reflected in the number of innings in a game and the length of the game and its duration.

The shape of a cricket bat makes it easier for the batter to hit and steer the ball with ease compared to a baseball bat. The ball bounces around the basket until it reaches the opposing batsman’s player, who defends it with a ball or wooden cricket bat. If the balls are thrown at their players a certain number of times, the team stops hitting and they may have to stop hitting.

One reason baseball bats must envy cricket bats is that they don’t have to run when they hit the ball. Baseball bats don’t get nearly as many hits as cricketers, but in cricket everything else goes faster. The bowler (cricket’s version of a pitcher) gets a run start, the balls go away, and the batsman has to run physically to score.

In baseball, the fielding team can dismiss the batsman with a variety of methods, but in cricket there are exactly 10, of which only five are common. You can imagine a run as a point in table tennis, and if you’re a baseball fan, then running cricket is the same as running baseball. Cricket rules state that the run-scoring method is awarded to the batting team, not to the individual batter. There are twice as many opportunities to get out in football as there are in cricket, which means batsmen have to be on their guard all the time.

For those reasons, I believe cricket is a much, much tougher game and at its core has the ability to get the bat to the ball. Cricket and baseball are vastly different, but there is a sense between the two that they are both bat and ball games. Batting and bowling require skills other than football, baseball, table tennis or any other sport.

Many of the leading cricket nations play in the southern hemisphere and the Indian subcontinent, where the best weather for cricket is in baseball’s off-season. There is a lot of cricket played during the baseball season, but the conditions are not the same as they are for baseball. If you want to watch a bat and ball sport that is played in a dead winter, cricket is not a good option. Just ask any of us who played in India or any other country for three days on this issue.

Cricket is a gentleman’s game and there always have to be two batsmen in the middle at any time. There are eleven members of a cricket team and each team is allocated an inning, but limited – Overs cricket is always intended for completion in a single day. The batting round, known as an inning, is over for each side, and players should make a decision at the start of the game. When one side loses ten wickets they are all out, so the umpire’s decision has to be respected and both sides have lost. The spirit of the game is played with a high degree of respect for the rules of the game and cricket rules.


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