Hair Loss from Stress & Remedies

Hair Loss from Stress:-

Hair loss from stress is fairly common, with the top two stressors being illness (surgery or accident), depression, and conflicts with the law.

Case Study by a person whose friend recovered :

After several months of going to conferences, one of my friends lost most of his hair from the stress. He was convinced that stress was the problem and that some herbal remedies and nutritional supplements would help.

Hair loss from stress

Some treatments he tried included:

He went on a gluten-free diet. He stopped sleeping on his back and started sleeping on his side. He started taking high doses of vitamin C and E. Within a few months, he had to take a little break from one of the vitamins because the prescribed dose for one type of vitamin prevented the absorption of the other vitamin. Later he switched to another vitamin and had more hair after a month.

As a final treatment, he tried chewing on some grass, to encourage better circulation. Yet no matter what he tried, the hair continued to fall out and he had to get a haircut.

After several years of attempting to find a solution for the stress hair loss he finally went to a doctor and was diagnosed with coronary artery disease. He was advised to get serious about following a healthy diet and taking certain vitamins and supplements, such as vitamin E and antioxidants.

More recently he was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer called multiple myeloma. The doctors have told him he is now likely to lose the rest of his hair. He can no longer get rid of the stress and has to find a way to deal with the hair loss. His advice to others stressed out is to avoid stress and depression if possible and avoid giving in to unhealthy diets.

Many people experience hair loss from stress, such as stress and depression. It is best to find ways to deal with stress as well as to find ways to deal with hair loss from stress, such as taking supplements to improve circulation and eating well.

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