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The next standard, 5G NR, goes even further. “The foundational technologies behind 5G NR are enhanced radio access and core network connectivity,” AT&T wrote in its announcement of the launch. “The end-to-end 5G NR solution combines 5G NR with FirstNet, for enhanced mobile broadband coverage.” AT&T has a joint venture with Sprint to deploy 5G. “5G NR stands for 5th Generation Network,” AT&T wrote, “and means network equipment that can evolve rapidly to meet 5G NR.”

The technology is based on the underlying 5G technology, but 5G NR stands for Network equipment, hardware and mobile device interfaces that use new radio frequencies.

That’s the technology that AT&T plans to bring to market in the near future. AT&T has partnered with Qualcomm and other industry players like Ericsson and Intel on 5G NR equipment. Intel, in fact, was the first company to be approved to test 5G-NR devices by the FCC.

A key takeaway: AT&T’s 5G plans involve a significant amount of 5G NR hardware. AT&T plans to roll out a 5G network with 25 gigahertz frequency as well as a 28 gigahertz millimeter wave band. The network will launch “fractionally” earlier than the standard, with initial 5G NR devices hitting the market “over the next two years,” AT&T wrote. The 5G NR network will include smartphones, mobile hotspots and infrastructure for base stations.

“Ultimately, 5G NR technology will increase the speed and bandwidth of networks, reduce latency, and enable new technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality,” AT&T wrote. “By the time AT&T launches 5G NR, it will be a lot easier to get consumers connected to 5G NR mobile devices.”

AT&T has a five-year plan for 5G-NR and said it is going to use what it learned with 4G LTE to prepare for the new technology. The company will be the first to bring 5G NR mobile devices to market, AT&T wrote, and expects that first 5G NR devices will be compatible with standards and specifications set forth by the 3GPP.

AT&T didn’t mention smartphones specifically in its announcement, but the company has been rolling out mobile hotspots with 5G NR capabilities over the last year. AT&T introduced a mobile hotspot called the AT&T 5G Mobile Hotspot and said it would release more mobile hotspots in 2017 and 2018, so it appears the network company is gearing up for a mobile 5G rollout.

Plans are also in place for 5G NR hotspots and mobile hotspots. The network has plans for not only 5G NR devices, but also for 5G mobile hotspots to be deployed at critical venues in the near future, including stadiums and other sporting venues.

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“5G is the next great technological revolution for wireless connectivity,” George Goncalves, CTO of AT&T’s Technology & Operations, wrote in a blog post. “That is why we are accelerating our deployment of 5G-NR technology. We want to be ahead of the technology curve and give consumers the speed and performance they have come to expect from AT&T.”

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